At LECAP, we’ve always loved our wine. Like really, really loved our wine. There’s something super special about the way a great bottle adds to nights out, family gatherings and quiet evenings in with the dog. But as we've gotten older (hello, hangovers), we found ourselves wanting to enjoy the same amount of wine, just with a little less alcohol.

No More All Or Nothing

One day, we thought to ourselves, why isn’t there a ‘lower alcohol wine’ alternative? Sure, there were 0% wines out there. But they didn’t feel like ‘real’ wine. Why did it always have to be all or nothing? Excited by the idea of something completely new, we got to work creating a wine that retained all the things we loved about wine, just with less alcohol.



Untraditional wine.

We found the perfect vineyard on the unspoilt slopes of South Africa’s Paardeberg Mountain. It was here that we set about pioneering the world’s finest light alcohol wines. To do so, we combined traditional Western Cape winemaking philosophies and over 50 years of experience, with progressive, modern distilling techniques. Eighteen months of tasting, testing and tweaking later, LECAP was born.

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(Le-Cap) is a new generation of winemakers pioneering the world’s finest low alcohol wines. Expertly produced in Cape Town, South Africa.