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What is LECAP?

At LECAP, we are pioneering the world’s finest light alcohol wines. We make our wines to 5% ABV which is lighter in alcohol and calories, but still tastes and feels like great quality, premium wine.

Where did the name come from?

LECAP (pronounced Le-Cap) is the french for Cape Town. Cape Town is a place that everyone knows and associates with the best of South Africa. It plays with the link between the wine worlds of South Africa and France.

What does LECAP taste like?

Appearance: salmon pink / A light blush
Aromas: Sweet peach and fresh raspberry, some crisp apple with a hint of litchi, floral jasmine, rose petal and cinnamon
Flavours: Crisp apple (Pink Lady), Turkish delight, Elderflower, sour cherry and sweet pineapple
Structure: The wine has a refreshing acidity, a soft texture and medium body.
Finish: tingly and tart, soft and smooth, or fresh and juicy. The finish is long and refreshing with a distinct and delicious tang.

What grapes are used in LECAP?

Merlot is chosen for its thin skin, which imparts very limited colour, its bright berry vibrancy and its ability to age well. Lesser amounts of the South African Pinotage grape are also included to add tones of darker fruit and tropical fruits.

How to drink LECAP?

Ensure LECAP is cold and then pour into your finest wine glass, finish with cubes of ice for the perfect ice cold, refreshing serve.

Is LECAP Low & No?

Technically, no. To be low and no the drink needs to be below 1.2% abv, and we are 5%. However, we are considered to be a low and no option in the wine sector as our 5% abv is considerably lower than the 11% - 14% abv wine you typically get. We are all about moderation.

How do I store LECAP?

Unopened, LECAP can be stored in a dark, cool place. When you’re ready to drink LECAP, we recommend keeping it in the fridge to get nice and cold. If you want to store it opened, keep it in the fridge and we recommend drinking within 7 days. LECAP Rosé is best enjoyed straight away when you buy it - there’s no need or benefit to ageing this wine!

How do I stock LECAP?

Drop us a quick email to and our sales team will be on hand to help you.

Are there new products coming soon?

We are currently working on two new wines for Spring Summer 2023… watch this space.

How do you support the environment?

The Vineyard that we produce LECAP in - Vondeling Wine, South Africa, has a HACCP accredited for food safety, IPW (Integrated Production of Wine) local certification for sustainable production and WESSA (Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association) a local ethical standard. Furthermore, we’re WWF (World Wildlife Fund) endorsed Conservation Champions, which is an extension of IPW for our exceptional environmental and conservation practices on the farm and surrounds.

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(Le-Cap) is a new generation of winemakers pioneering the world’s finest low alcohol wines. Expertly produced in Cape Town, South Africa.